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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How not to clean your studio

Never let them stash stuff in your studio.... unless there's no other place for it, of course. Sadly the cello and the hats are probably safest here right now.

Joe the Painter stopped by last week looking for work. I like Joe, and I have a very old house with plaster walls which occasionally need to be taped and touched up. “But Joe,” I cautioned him. “I am finishing up a painting and I really need to concentrate.” Of course he promised me that there would be a minimum of disruption and of course he was wrong. (And I knew this going in; I wasn’t born yesterday.)

There is no room to serve as a staging area when one is painting in every room on the first and second floors, reworking a hardwood floor and building two window frames. So even though I hated to do it, I stashed stuff in my studio. End of any painting by me.

The painting stash. Everything needs to be away from the walls to patch. Everything. Sigh.
This is fine, because staging a project like this always ends up being more than a full-time job. There is stuff needed from the lumber yard, and problems squaring things up. New problems that weren’t in the quote appear as if by magic; tools are suddenly needed that weren’t expected. Having a woodshop of my own, I’m useful in these circumstances.

My brother asked me why I hire out this rather pricey work when I know how to do it myself. But without more hands than mine it would never get done. A week of this disruption is more than sufficient.

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SqUaNg said...

I like how the color of the room changes. Magic.