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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Corn Harvest (alt. the Harvesters), 1565

This week I’m on the road. I’ve left you with six landscape paintings that should be on everyone’s Top Ten list, but probably aren’t (for the simple reason that there are way too many great paintings out there).
The Corn Harvest (alt. the Harvesters), Pieter Bruegel (Brueghel) the Elder, 1565
Bruegel’s great device is in putting important action of his painting into a seemingly unimportant corner—in this case, in the far distance, a group of villagers are cock throwing, a blood sport  in which a rooster was tied to a post and people took turns throwing coksteles (special weighted sticks) at the bird until it died.

This is one of a series of six paintings depicting the change of the seasons, the most famous of which is The Hunters in the Snow.

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