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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Personal performance art, revisited

Portrait of Dr. Samuel D. Gross (The Gross Clinic), 1875, Thomas Eakins. Who knew Eakins was such a visionary?
Yesterday, I had a minor medical procedure done, which—as is the nature of these things—will be followed by a slightly-less-minor medical procedure. While discussing scheduling, the surgeon mentioned that he could do it either at an outpatient surgical center or our local hospital.

“How about an art gallery?” I inquired. “It would be perfect. This has all the great narrative themes: love, death, gore, fear, sex, nudity, pathos.”

The Agnew Clinic, 1889, Thomas Eakins
He studied the papers in his hands. “Unfortunately, your insurance doesn’t cover you for performance art,” he answered. “However, after January 1, 2014, under the Affordable Care Act…”

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Matthew Chinian said...

I stumbled upon a history of a modern surgery and anesthesia(sp?) not long ago, probably at the time of that Eakins painting, surgeons wore black, worked quick and didn't sterilize anything! You didn't want surgery then.

Carol Douglas said...

Heck, I really don't want it now! But given a choice, I would prefer the modern-day version... in a hospital, where such events belong.