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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seven days of wood smoke and crackling leaves—Little Ol' Me

New York Catskill Farm, pastel. I decided to shun-pike from New York City to Rochester after Rye Painters on Location one year, and found this fantastic site along the way.
I’m in Maine for my last 2013 painting workshop! The frost isn’t quite on the pumpkin (at least not in Rockland or Rochester) but autumn is in the air. I’m leaving some fall landscapes for you.

As I’m fishing through my memory for autumn paintings, I realize I’ve painted a heck of a lot of them myself.  Perhaps that’s because the Northeast is so glorious in the fall.

So here is a tour of some places I love to paint. I hope you get a sense of the spirit of place that drives my painting:

Nunda Autumn, pastel. This is the view from the Kellogg farm in the Genesee Valley, and I wish I could get back there soon to paint again.
Finger Lakes marshes in autumn. I have painted in the Finger Lakes more than anywhere else (often with my former painting partner Marilyn Feinberg). It's where I realized that northeast landscapes are not about depth of field; they are about the tapestry of surface.

The Dugs in Autumn. Right after the Finger Lakes come the lower Adirondacks. This is a marsh formed by a beaver dam just north of Speculator.
Maine Surf. And then there's Maine. Beautiful in every season. I painted this in Rockport several years ago, during a nice rainstorm.


Corinne said...

You are such a talented...amazing artist, Carol! Love your work here! Each one so beautiful! <3 What a gift you have!

Carol Douglas said...

Thanks, Corinne!