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Friday, February 7, 2014


Canoeing with Shirley and Carol at Adirondack workshop. Life can't all be fun and games.
I set out this morning to write something deep and serious, but events overtook me. (It’s a temporarily rocky road I’m on.)

Sue and Brad painting in my front garden during roses-and-peony season.
What I really want is to think about painting outdoors in the summer, so here are some scenes from previous seasons. I’ve painted at 10°F—indeed, I’ve painted at 0°F—but not this year.
These are just a small sample of the many people I've been privileged to paint with and/or teach over the year, but just looking at good weather and good company reminds me that Spring is—indeed—right around the corner.

Teressa at the swing bridge, Rochester side.
Catherine in my garden.

Kamillah at Lock 32 on the Erie Canal.
Jake and Sam at the Pont de Rennes bridge in downtown Rochester. Can you tell they're related?
Cindy at her own farm.
Painting on the porch at the Irondequoit Inn.
Quick draw on the floating dock at Camden.

Nancy, Matt and Pamela painting on Monhegan.
Shirley painting at Owl's Head Light.

A break with Lynne and John at Owl's Head, ME.
Resting on the Monhegan ferry.
Break time at Camden harbor.
Matt in Highland Park in Rochester.
Painting with Brad at Rye.
Garrett at Port Clyde, ME.

And Kamillah freezing in a late Spring snowstorm in the Adirondacks. A good place to finish this up!
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