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Thursday, October 2, 2014

What I do in my down time

The whole Northeast is beautiful this week, but my camera is broken, so cell phone pictures are what you're getting.
Having been in the Berkshires this week, I thought I’d run up to Maine and look at a few possible properties to host my 2015 workshops. Again, I’m staying in the cabin off the grid, but this time I have my husband with me.

Off the grid is so much nicer when you have your Significant Other with you.
And he loves the place. “I figured that outhouse was half a mile away, through the woods,” he teased. And then, “I’d like to come back here in the winter.”

It’s easier with company; the coyotes don’t seem so close, and reports of a mountain lion aren’t quite as terrifying when you’re walking on wooded path on a moonless night.

So many places one could host a workshop... this is just one of my dream homes that isn't on the market.
That was last night. This morning dawned clear and cold and he got a tiny taste of what winter in the woods might be like. And he’s still enthusiastic. Go figure.

The Maine landscape is so varied that I could move my workshop up and down the coast for years and it would never get stale.
Message me if you want information about next year’s classes and workshops.

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