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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Completed portfolio: Sandy Puifong Quang

Sandy Puifong Quang is 19 and will graduate from Monroe Community College in May with an AS in liberal arts and a GPA of around 3.5. Although she has always loved design, Sandy didn’t know she loved art until she began taking studio classes at MCC. Sandy speaks three dialects of Chinese along with some Russian and French. Her family are refugees from the fall of Vietnam and run a restaurant in Rochester.

Sandy started working with me seriously in the summer of 2007, although I have known her for many years.

Self-portrait with catalogs, graphite on paper, approx. 18X24, 2007

Peonies life drawing, graphite, approx. 18X20, 2007

Skeleton life drawing, graphite, approx. 18X24, 2007

Peonies life drawing, pastel, approx. 9X12, 2008

Patrick, oil on canvas, approx. 18X24, 2008

My parents’ restaurant, graphite on paper, approx. 16X18, 2008

Sneakers and keys, graphite on paper, approx. 18X18, 2007

Gourds and squash, watercolor, approx. 20X20, 2007

Fred, collage, approx. 12X9, 2006

30-minute figure sketch, graphite on paper, approx. 18X24, 2007

My room and gnome, collage and graphite, approx. 12X12, 2007

Figure sketch, graphite on paper, approx. 18X24, 2007

Figure sketch, graphite on paper, approx. 18X24, 2007
Figure sketch, graphite on paper, approx. 18X24, 2007

Figure sketch, graphite on paper, approx. 18X24, 2007


Paul said...

Wow! This is great! Of course this artist must already be very skilled and talented, but I'm sure that this art work shows a lot of progress. I'm impressed. Especially like the peonies and the black & white shoes and keys! Keep up the good work!

SqUaNg said...

Thank you so much!!! =^_^=
I am soooo flattered, and I'm soooo glad I'm done. And I'll definiately keep doing more stuff.

Gwendolyn said...

SQUANG If you don't keep working on your portfolio until you start a new one at ART SCHOOL, I will personally come and HAUNT YOU! With my dangerous, ferocious poodle-dogs!

Seriously, though, Sandy, you have done a wonderful job.

I have watched you in the studio and am awed and humbled by your concentration and steadfastness.

And by your offering of a paper towel on Wednesday, when I needed it but was too lazy to go get it!

I know that I love the two large peony studies: the pencil and the pastel. Right now, I'm too tired to look over the whole portfolio and say which other things I like or love.

I think we should have a party where we all get to drink wine and admire your (and Ze's) portfolios. Unfortunately, my house is a little short on wall space for displaying the portfolios!

Keep it up, Sandrushka!

Gwendolyn said...

Honestly, Sandy, I love them all!

John said...


Disclaimer first, I know NOTHING about art. Carol is a willing teacher who is taking my virtual hand and helping me to develop an eye and an understanding of art. Now to your portfolio...

Your figure sketches were intriguing in that there is an angular quality to them, almost as if you were analyzing their form rather than "feeling" it. Not entirely surprised by this as you set the table for me with your self-portrait (more later). I like them - particularly the man with his back turned - the slouch in the shoulders is matched by the slouch in the britches.

The sneakers and keys caught my eye as well. Ready to go are we? Me too. I keep my stuff close together also - I don't have to go looking for it.

The peonies were marvelous - both the pastel and the graphite. I felt like I could smell the pastel and thought I was looking at some dried ones in the graphite - remarkable.

Far and away my favorite was the self-portrait. I'm a people person and was glad you said hello! Here are my guesses (please correct me if I'm wrong :-)!) You take care of yourself (FIT - small button just over your left shoulder) You place a high value on inward things (thoughts/beliefs/passions) and outward things are secondary (an out of place hair, rumpled sweater, glasses slightly askew). A good approach to life - IMHO. I was particularly taken by the words, "Think wide open." I like being stretched in my thinking (one reason I like conversing with Carol!) Allow me to share a word of wisdom given me by a beloved college prof on this topic, "Keep an open mind. Just don't let your brain fall out."

Sandy, I wish you the best as you pursue that future ahead of you. I look forward to the opportunity to see more of your work sometime. Thank you for sharing these intimate portraits that tell us about you.