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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Painting at the Irondequoit Inn in Piseco, NY

Beaver Dam near Speculator, NY. 14X18.

Canoes at Irondequoit Inn, 8X10.

Apple tree at Irondequoit Inn, 8X10.

Piseco Outlet in a spitting rain, 14X18.

Reed beds at Irondequoit Inn, 16X20.

Here are some oil sketches I did this weekend in Piseco and Spectator, NY. It was unseasonably cold, ranging down into the 40s at night to the high fifties during the day, and spitting rain non-stop. I did six sketches and gave one to the innkeeper, and here are the other five.
I plan to do a workshop at the Irondequoit Inn next autumn (the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise). It will not suit the person who wants a Jacuzzi and a thousand cable channels. But if you prefer rockers on a veranda with a million-dollar view, free-range eggs and organic pork sausage for breakfast, beautiful vistas, access to miles of hiking trails, wonderful kayaking and canoeing, and above all, fascinating company, this is the place. I’ve stayed and painted there twice now, and recommend it highly.


Anonymous said...

Love the paintings. Great trees! They make me want to sit on the veranda and look at the scenery.

Gwendolyn said...

I love all 6 sketches / paintings that you posted yesterday or today!

I have favorites, of course: Low Bridge and Beaver Dam, Spitting Rain and Reed beds...


Carol Douglas said...

I have painted dozens and dozens of oil sketches this summer, and true to form have very little photo record of them (they are, of course, tossed in a box in my studio).

Seems like I can either paint or self-publicize or archive, but not two things at once.

Thanks for the kind comments.

edavis73 said...
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