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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meme of the day--I'll catch a grenade for you! (Right.)

Rag doll and GI Joe, 8X6", oil on canvas

Sometimes this business of painting catches you by surprise. I was all set for the GI Joe toy to give me fits, but it was the rag doll that was hard to paint—all shades of creamy browns, highlights both warm and cool.


TexasBirdGirl said...

I really like this!!
I have noticed that as well, the thing you think would be a pain winds up and seems easy, compared to what it was you thought would be a breeze!

Carol Douglas said...

Especially since I wasn't going to take the GI Joe out of its protective wrapping. It belongs to my son, who's never had any remote interest in it, and it's an Ernie Pyle commemorative doll. I felt badly using this one, since Ernie Pyle DID catch a grenade for us, but the others we have are in opaque packaging.

Thanks for following my silly meme idea.