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Monday, December 19, 2011

Figure Sketch

(Michelle reading, 24X36" oil sketch on canvas.)

I have been doing fewer 3 hour figure studies, because my pal Marilyn has blown down to Florida. This is from Saturday’s session. I love the pose.

Three hours for the figure, about another half hour for the background.

Excuse the reflections; at this time of year, paint dries really slowly.


LynLynch said...

It is a good pose. You have captured it well. I'm envious of Michelle being able to fold her legs like that.

Rose Ann Albanese said...

Terrific portrait.... my favorite thing...

Carol L. Douglas said...

Thanks, guys. She really started to feel it by the end of three hours, because as agile as she is (and she's a dancer with great core strength) that's a tough pose.