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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A more formal figure painting

This commissioned work is a formal portrait of a mature woman who desired a nude painting reflecting her Central American heritage. The client wanted an impression of the beauty of a woman not matching the cliché of the commercialized American ideal of willowy, leggy and fair female imagery.

The composition features an S-curve created by the background and gold lace mantilla and subtly reinforced by the rim lighting bathing the model’s knees and leg.


Diane Marie Hall said...


brucebundockstudio said...

You did a fine job with this. The design, skin tones,etc. Lucien Freud and Jenny Seville come to mind.
They are two artists who don't go after the sterotypical
subject,to their credit. Happy New Year! best, Bruce

Carol Douglas said...

Thanks, Bruce and Suzanne! And best to you both in the coming year!

Pilan said...

This is beautiful Carol, REALLY!

Carol Douglas said...

Thanks, Pilan.

Baxter said...

Gorgeous painting. Just saw it on the latest Aging Abundantly post. It makes me proud of each ripple, sag, and fold!

Baxter said...

Gorgeous, sensual painting. I just saw it as part of the latest "Aging Abundantly" post. Your work makes me proud of every of each sag, crease and fold!