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Friday, July 20, 2007

Gwendolyn enters the room

Gwendolyn is a beginning watercolorist who is reengineering the world of plein air for her classmates (and for me). She has made her French easel more functional than I ever imagined possible. Look here to read her first entry, which explains her innovations to date. I plan to make one of her noodle brush holders tomorrow myself. Brava, Gwendolyn.


Gwendolyn said...

You have had the tube of paint in the picture ($0.60) since you (or your father) were in college!

Thanks for the kind words and support about my entry into the blogosphere.

Carol Douglas said...

The funny thing is, the paint is still good.

John said...

Hi Carol!

Gotta' ask the "stupid guy knows nothing about art" question...what is "plein air" (did I spell that correctly?). Loved reading that you have unknowingly collected a lot of paints. I look at my bookshelf and wonder the same thing sometimes. I should use my library card more often.



Carol Douglas said...

“Plein air” just means “open air” and refers to direct painting out-of-doors.

As for bookshelves, ours are overflowing too!

John said...


Thanks for the educational moment. I take it that you enjoy plein air painting. If I painted I think I would enjoy being outdoors and trying to capture that beauty.

One possible suggestion for your blog...why not do a weekly art expo for those of us who are not in the art world. Your piece on the Resurrection by Spencer was wonderful. I need that exposure and I'm just not going to get it very often in Mayberry. What do you say?


Carol Douglas said...

Dear John,

Great idea! Watch this space...