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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It’s complicated

Camden schooner fleet, 20X16, oil on canvasboard, $1085, contact Camden Falls Gallery.
Perhaps it’s my advanced age, but I think I’m channeling Grandma Moses this summer. (She was from Greenwich, New York, which is a tiny town near Glens Falls, so we have that Upstate thing in common.) I’m finding myself less interested in modeling with value and brushwork and more and more interested in creating complex patterns of flat color.

Luckily, I got it mostly painted before the boats started to leave on me.
Yesterday I was up at the crack of dawn so I could paint the schooner fleet at Camden. Even by my standards, this painting got awfully complicated, particularly when the fleet started to go out, one by one.

The kayak students went by so many times the instructor asked me if I'd included them in my painting.
But it all worked out just fine—I’d drafted the hulls first, so it was just a question of filling in the rigging. Today, I’m in search of the Lazy Jack II, and since I know it goes out at 9:45 AM, I’m going to try to get to Camden by 5:30. Which is why I’m keeping this brief.

Sorry, folks. My workshop in Belfast, ME is sold out. Message me if you want a spot on my waitlist, or information about next year’s programs. Information is available here.


Anonymous said...

Busy,busy waterfront. Love your view of the schooners.

Debbie Miller said...

I'm heading up to Camden this week - Can't wait to do some plein air painting!! maybe I'll see you

Carol Douglas said...

Debbie Miller, when will you be there? Stop at Camden Falls Gallery and ask for me. It's on the Public Landing.

I leave for Belfast on Sunday.

Carol Douglas said...

And thank you, anonymous friend!