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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's a wrap

Weather Moving In At Barnum Bog, 12X9, oil on canvasboard.
I’m home, finally, after a very tiring five and a half weeks on the road. Much of the time, I was working so many hours that blogging was an afterthought. That is why I posted only a few of the paintings I did last week. Today I thought I’d share the rest from Saranac Lake with you.

Whiteface Makes Its Own Weather, 16X12, oil on canvasboard.
I painted nine works in three days. (Three of which I’ve already posted.) That’s unusually prolific for me, and I blame it in part on my housemates, who worked so diligently that I constantly felt like a piker.

The Au Sable River at Jay, 12X9, oil on canvasboard.
Not only was I prolific, however, but I felt that I was painting very well. I’ve been in a style shift over the last year, and this work reflects where I’m going more than where I’ve been. To me, that’s important, because in some ways the Adirondacks are closely tied to my past, so that I’m able to paint them without intimations of the past is a healthy sign for future progress.

Whiteface and Marsh, 16X12, oil on canvasboard.
If I am ever complacent in my painting, just take me out and shoot me. Painting is exploration. It should always be a challenge, a personal battle, a jousting match.

Town Hall, Saranac Lake, 10X8, oil on canvasboard.
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Special Trout Fishing Area, 12X9, oil on canvasboard.


Colette Savage said...

These are wonderful! So incredibly bold and exciting. I love the color saturation too.

Carol Douglas said...

Thanks so much, Colette.

Corinne said...

You are fearless, my dear! Such beautiful brushwork and freedom in these paintings! I agree with Colette! You use beautiful color saturation and so fresh! <3

Corinne said...
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Carol Douglas said...

Thanks, Corinne. I can't say as I really have a painting concept in any of this; I just feel the movement and follow it. If it's high-chroma, perhaps that's because that's how I'm perceiving the world right now.

I spent a good deal of time this week debating what style means. No conclusions yet, but some ideas.