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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A day late and a dollar short

I love job lot stores, but I confess, I would have no idea what to do with this stuff. On the other hand, the old farmer in me would sure like to learn.
 (Sorry this is late but it's harder than you think to post while driving at 74 MPH down the NYS Thruway.)

Friday morning we were scheduled to take the ferry to paint at Monhegan, but we awoke to the sound of heavy rain being driven by a stout wind. My painters were leery of the ferry in that weather, especially knowing that the other side was socked in with rain, and that rain often brings fog. (We have a roof under which to paint on Monhegan, but the views would have been seriously compromised.)

There was still a line at Red's Eats, even in the rain. People are truly wonderful. (Photo by Corinne Avery)
I’d been working them very hard and they were tired, so we switched gears and decided to poke around galleries in Rockland. We included a stop at the Island Institute’s Archipelago shop, which showcases a broad and range of art, craft and design made by Maine island residents. After this, we had a quick lunch, packed for us by Lakewatch Manor—and, no, I didn’t remember to take a photo—and took a side trip through Damariscotta, just to enjoy its loveliness.

This poor bridge on the Mohawk seems to get regularly knocked around by flood waters. (Photo by Corinne Avery)
Once again, our timing was exquisite. That volatile, capricious river—the Mohawk—had overflowed the New York State Thruway earlier in the day. By the time we were passing through, it had retreated and was merely nipping at the margins of the road. What could have been a difficult drive was, in fact, easy as blueberry pie. Nine hours later, I was happily home, reading about flooding all over our state and grateful to have arrived unscathed.

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Anonymous said...

"Easy as Blueberry Pie"-- a great way to live and travel.

We look forward to welcoming you and students back here to Lakewatch Manor next month.

We appreciate reading your blog and sharing your adventures.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the sidebar photo of you in the stream, I guess washing paint off of your shoes. Happy for your success and joy in painting